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A Season of Wellness.

Wellness coaching and herbal education to support women with self-tending rituals and routines in this season of life.


My name is Camilla Voelker, and I am happy to meet you. I'm an herbal educator and a board certified health & wellness coach with four years in the coaching field.

Living in a region with four distinct seasons inspires me to work with the different seasons of life! I specialize in supporting women in times of transition and grief. 

I love meeting people where they're at, and collaborating to find rituals and routines that feel supportive

Meet Camilla


"She’s a natural at connecting with and supporting others with her easy-going, warm, caring nature and ability to listen and be present, whether as an herbalist, coach, mentor, or colleague. Also, her herbalism expertise, intuitive coaching skills, and knowledge of complementary modalities (e.g., holistic nutrition) come through in her thoughtful recommendations and client-focused, holistic treatment plans. She’s also a great collaborator, leader and teacher and knows how to make things happen as she demonstrated in co-founding and co-leading an herbal practitioner group. I wholeheartedly recommend that you work with Camilla as you will feel seen, heard and supported on your wellness journey."


Karen P., MAT, NBC-HWC, BCHN©, Herbalist


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